Friday, September 14, 2012

My ex-es

Iphone 5 was launched yesterday and the whole world seems so excited about it. The news are everywhere, not to mention the jokes about the tallest phone yet. Ever! Lol~
This issue make me flashback my ex-es in the past. Have u ever recall your first phone? I bet it must be huge! Because mine too. Here the list of my ex-es!

My first crush Nokia 3315 - The legend  of immortality

Nokia 8310

Samsung c100

Nokia 7610

Motorola V3i 
This might be my unforgettable gadget. I keep watching TV and many actress using this phone. I don't know which series it is. At that time, there is a service which connect us to the idol. We just send our sms and they will reply. I still remember I sent one. End up the operator replied me without any answer. So I finally bought  a gadget magazine and found what I've been searching!

Sony Ericsson P1

Iphone 3gs 16GB - My first twin phone with my besties

Blackberry gemini - My first twin phone with my mom

Iphone 4s 16GB
We should admit cellphone is human's best friend. We take them everywehere, check on them every 5 minutes, sleep beside them, and we will feel anxious if we left them somewhere. Even our best partner for acting while we are waiting, we can pretending texting someone just to look 'normal'. *lol*
I recall all the memories I spent with them. And the people who I used to send sms. It's unbelievable how we all coming here through. These years have brought us to a new generation of technology. See our first phone, can only call, send message and play snake. Then, we can have colorful display with polyphonic. After few years, we can send pictures and music through bluetooth. And now, we can know what is happening in the world in one click plus voice commanding our phone to do the task. Incredible. I wonder what will happen in the next 10 years from now. A transparent plastic-like phone which we stick on our palm? Im looking forward it.

Photo source : Google

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