Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The sorrow song of love

Feels like want write, but had no idea what to talk about. Just want to greet my readers :)
So how's life? I dont know if my life is getting better. My career is finally getting more fun, as I will be more at mall or cafe meeting new people. Which means, from now on, there'll be bigger challenge waits ahead. I am a person who is always looking forward new experience.

All of this things soon make me wonder if I should stock up my wardrobe with more blazer. Another excuse to spend money? NO!! Im trying my best to save money recently. And nothing seems to work so far. Jeez! Why am I so wasteful? Is it just me or every women issues are the same? No matter what the answer, my decision will still remain.

Ah! I just finished watching korean drama. The moon that embraces the sun. Sooo fascinating! Cant help my teary eyes. The story end happily!! Been listening to this song over and over again. -The sorrow song of love.

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