Thursday, June 28, 2012

Singapore Trip

Hello there! I just came back from a short trip. Spent couple days with my family at Singapore. Pictures speak louder!

The Aunties XD

We just stopped by the universal, took some pictures and headed back to Vivo City. What else could we do? Shopping exactly! 

Watch sunset at Marina Bay Sands. Look at how my mom being so photogenic. 

Yea! Harry Potter Exhibition! Truth be told, it was not as fascinating as advertised. But, if u are a truly fan of Harry Potter, which means u watched every part of it and remember every detail, I'll suggest u to visit this exhibition. In there, u'll see each clothes they wore in the movie and many letters written just like in the movie. Ah! The most disappointing thing is, u can't take picture inside the museum. So, don't bother to prepare lot of poses. 

Stock up my wardrobe with summer printed and neon color outfits. Last but not least, I wish I'll visit Singapore again. 

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