Sunday, July 20, 2014

A little hello

Yup! A little greeting "Hello" after a long time. I miss writing in my blog. Well, honestly I don't have much thing to tell since I passed my college life. I was working, dating, preparing stuffs, and sometimes to lazy to snap my outings and post it in my blog. Or maybe I am too old to blog?

I decided to login my blog when Christine (yeah, my ex-housemate and forever bestie) sent pictures of food we used to eat when we're student to our Line social chat group. Then since I have nothing to do (I have sore eyes these past days, and staying at home all day) so I browse some old pictures of us and it brings me to this blog. Even I am not sure how many people is actually reading my blog, I found out that having blog doesn't always mean to be read by other people. You can write everything down, look at it few years later and rewind what you've gone through. It's like reading stories you write about yourself for yourself.

I don't know when I will come back to write again. However I'll never delete this blog even I am no longer writing, getting old, having children or forgot my password. Thing is, I am gonna keep this blog and read it over and over again through my old days. Just wishing that blogger will never shut.


  1. Hai I like your blog. Boleh minta email untuk kerjasama?

    1. kindly drop your email :)