Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lancaster Zirra

Haven't blogged like forever. There're so many things happened in my life since my last post. First to announce is I AM ENGAGED to someone who matters the most to me. And in a very busy state now preparing my dreams come true wedding. Perhaps it's not so-fairytale thingy, but I want it memorable and of course everything goes as planned. Still preparing my dreamy wedding dress and best wedding decoration. They said color matters. It's true. I went crazy when it came to color. Everything should be look perfect. No matter what, I want perfection. Let's pray and fight for it!

Im no longer working for Salt N Pepper. Well I don't want to talk about my work yet. So let's skip it. If you follow me on Instagram, I guess you have already seen a lot pictures of my corgi, Zirra. I have dreamed of having a pet since long time ago. Like finally, I owned one. Her name is Lancaster Zirra. She's such a lovely pet, friendly and most important is easy to take care of. She loves cuddle and will follow you everywhere.

She moves a lot

"Showing tongue is kinda trend in photoshot"

Smiling Zirra

First attempt to wink, not bad...

See you on next post

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