Monday, November 4, 2013

Turning 22

November always be my favorite month of the year. Simply because I was born in November. This year I'm turning 22. I always remind myself whenever I celebrate my birthday "Not just a year older, but a year better" My entire life, I enjoyed celebrating birthday (may be I'm still young). I can't sleep at night because of excitement, and woke up earlier enjoy the whole day to the fullest.

I've said so many times (perhaps not much in my blog) about how I really cherish 2013. As many things, mostly good things happened to me along the year.

Just in time, bf showed up and plan everything perfectly. I must admit he really succeed surprising me with all the presents such as cake, self-cook noodle, teddy bear (later we named Mr. Bow Bow), 10 roses in which each flowers hold a message, box of happiness contains many kind of my favorite chocolates, letters that make me cry, and a ring followed by the "will you marry me?". Well, it was his personal proposal, a symbol that we are strengthen our commitment and relationship. It's not as sweet as it is in movie, because it was more beautiful than that. I always dreaming about how I smiled, nod my head and softly whisper "I do" but in real life, that's just too hard to get. Because I was frozen and stiffly handed my finger. However it was lovely.

please ignore my super thick eyebag!! 

Thankyou darling for everything :) 
I feel grateful as there are many friends congratulate me with wishes and greetings. I spent my day with lovely bf and Vina, my ex-housemate. She's the one who introduce me to bf. I'm also pleased she finally found someone who cares for her after all this time. "Congratulate dear, you deserve the best. Longlast! :)"

My charming smile *lol*

After meal, we went to karaoke and sing all the night.. Although I didn't celebrate it with my family and besties doesn't mean they didn't take part in this historic day. They did send me their best wishes.

In the end, I would like to thank everyone who remember my birthday and made it memorable. 

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