Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Season of Fireworks

Some memories will never fade. No matter how far the time has flies. Accidentally play old song in my playlist. Soon it bring back the good old times. A friendship I has built over these years. Since I was in elementary school, I made friend with someone call Cindy, whom later break the record 'the oldest friendship I've ever had'. She has similar posture as mine (except I'm now getting fatter), we adore the same idols, comics, movies, songs, boyband, and we just can't get enough of HEELS!

I don't know why, I missed her so much at this moment. Definitely not because of the song (that now I keep playing over and over again). Last time I met her was when I had CNY holiday which was almost a year. We still keep contact though. And she's now staying in China while pursuing her study. Back then, we shared a lot of memories.

Once, we wrote letter to each other like everyday when we sat together in class. We attached small gifts, like hairpin, fancy stickers, unique eraser, etc. So cute, right? That was the first moment I 'really made' friend with someone. Even we didn't sit together for the next few years, nothing changed. We still talked and hang out sometime. Unlike many other classmate whom will become strangers once the sitting chart was changed.

My final year as elementary student, I reunited and sat with her again. Inspired by the phenomenal F4, a former Taiwan boyband who were so popular in early 2000, we named our group Fantastic Girl (me, Cindy and Evie - later joined because she sat with us in class). I know, it sounds lame and disgust, but truth is we were quite 'well known' that time. *lol* We even sang their soundtrack in ladies room, recorded in my phone (sadly it was removed and I lost the file). We always together all the time from school to courses. We skipped English course and spend our time at market buying fashion accessories, eating and chilling. Till one day, Cindy was caught by his father.

Graduated from elementary doesn't mean we become more mature. Instead, we become wilder (in this case, please don't think about some slut teenagers). We acted like celebrity at school. We wear the same hairpin, headband, bracelet, and earrings. We had similar hairstyle. We bring hand fan wherever we go. Despite that we were not bitch because we never bully and underestimate other people. Look back at our journey, instead of ashamed I'd rather found it funny. Because that was part of my juvenile delinquency adventures.

I never believed I've grown this far. After all these years, I've become more concern about anything, and I should admit I lost half of my confidence (rather called it shameless *lol*). Life must go on babe! :)

Here the song that bring back all these memories 

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