Monday, October 21, 2013

If this is dream, don't wake me up

Have I told you how great my life is? Im not exaggerate it, but everything seems unreal. I never think that I actually born with passion for fashion. Nor I have specific talent. Seeing a lot of people who is way better than me in any field, I should admit I doubt about myself. But God works in his own way. Ever since I become a servant of God, I feel more and more blessed. Besides that, I am feeling grateful for having a supportive bf. He encourages me all the time no matter how much I complain (he probably feel annoyed sometimes :')

He is a caring brother, good listener and advisor, amusing friend, reliable partner, a talented cook, unbelievable makeup artist, ex-model, fashion admirer, and shoe entrepreneur wanna be. There are still a lot about him that I can't write one by one. In the end, he is mine. My one and only one, RDN ♥ thanks for everything ! :)

In my previous post, I mention about my participation of Lomba Perancang Mode 2013 and become of the 20 semifinalists. Once again, please help me to win this competition. You can vote me through:

1. Facebook
Kindly click this Link and hit the "Like" button, feel free to drop your comment and support.

2. SMS to 08111901555
Sending your vote with the format LPM[space]Name#Age#City#Email#VoteNumber
Regarding the vote number, mine is 12.
Example : LPM

3. Website
Visit this Link, simply sign up and vote me semifinalist 12. FYI, the sign up doesn't relate to subscribe.

Another thing is I also joined the Fashion is You event held by Galeries Lafayette, Indonesia. Kindly vote for me (again) through the website HERE by hitting the 'love' button. Find my picture wearing this dress below

Come and visit Jakarta Fashion Week on Friday 25th October at Senayan City to see my collection. Also spot me on the 170 meters long red carpet among the 200 participants only at Galeries Lafayette on Saturday 26th October. I'll see you guys there ! :)

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