Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plaza Senayan Palm Award 2013

This should be posted long time ago. And has been save as draft for two months. Blame me on my laziness to blog. As I wrote in my previous post, I joined Plaza Senayan fashion competition and be one of the finalists, I attended five days quarantine of Palm Award 2013. Meeting new people whom adore fashion, and made friend with them. It's my very first time joining fashion competition, bet you can imagine how excited I am. Luckily I have Wiha with me, because she's one of the finalist too. I think five days passed so fast. Well, It's a little tired at first, because you know I just get back from bf's hometown before heading for quarantine. But I do enjoy every moment, and I'd rather call it a holiday instead of quarantine.

See how I arrange all my stuffs.

On our third day, we visited Textile Museum in Jakarta. Instead of listening to the guide showing us types of Batik, we were being camwhore around the museum. 

With the forever bestie - Wiha

With the boy Whempy - Ilonkz and Rian

Keep calm and crossed the legs

Me with Didik - A man with his strike pose

Me With Ranti 

Geng Rumpi

And comes the D-day! At the backstage, snap snap and snap!

Well, you can hardly see the dress is way to short for the model. I felt so disappointed about that. Guess I have to work harder in the next competition. Sorry for the image quality, that is all I have.

I am joining another competition, wish me luck ! :)

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