Friday, August 30, 2013

Miracle in Cell No.7

This movie has just be one of my favorite tearjerker. I watched it yesterday with bf and his sister. The story tell a mentally challenged man who was falsely accused as a murder, and imprisoned. While his 6 years old daughter was later sent to orphanage. One day, he saved a life of his fellow cellmates and his wish of seeing his daughter was granted. It was quite fun at the beginning of the story. And slowly turn you teary.

I'm not gonna spoil the ending here. But in case you are curious about how sad the story is, I can tell you to think about a kindhearted man, who was very generous helping others even when he is treated so bad, his love for his daughter is beyond anything you could imagine, wrongly accused and about to be executed yet he still living his life happily as long as his daughter beside him. Most of all it's because he is a mentally challenged man whom being intimidated

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