Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beyond fashion

We are living in a world where fashion has took over people's lifestyle and mindset. Great innovation has been invented. Whether it turned out helpful, weird, or extremely unbelievable? Here are some invention beyond our thoughts.

Color-changing topcoat from Orly
It changes the color of your nail polish depend on the temperature. Imagine how cool and convenient for girls who loves to change her nails color every week.

Clothes-spray by Manel Torres
I must say this is a (very) clever invention. Especially for a designer-wanna-be like me. I don't have to do the pattern drafting and most important I won't be needing sewing machine! So I'll just simply spray the liquid on model. Spritz! Spritz!

Morphogenesis 3D Printed Shoes by Pauline Van Dongen
As we have seen many things created by using 3D printer, well the printer itself is already an incredible invention. But when it comes to fashion, I still can't help myself to be fascinated. Those shoes look kind of elastic, so it must be comfort to wear. Moreover, see how fashionable it turned out!

Foot panties
I don't find this foot panties as amazing as the three inventions above. But I still think I should blog about it, yeah because it sort of weird and cute in the same way. What do you have in mind?

As you can see, fashion has been brought to a new whole level. Even there're many great innovations but some people are still prefer the traditional and nature stuffs. The idea of making this post popping up in my head when I read news on internet. How fast our cultural and technology has grown. Remember how Kim K struggles the pain during the vampire facial? Even if it turned out a brighter and healthier face, it still seems crazy to inject your face with your own blood.

Another story that made me concern about beauty these days is Juli from bunbunmakeuptips.com
She is having a common facial treatment, but things just gone wrong. Her sensitive skin is somehow as she described 'inflammed with red, angry pimples filled with pus'. I can imagine how horrifying it is to be her. But seeing how her fans encourage and support her, she must be very grateful. From her experience, it should at least make us girls be more careful doing beauty treatment. Just remember, always be thoughtful before deciding doing something that can 'probably' ruin your beauty even the value of your life.

For Bunbun, I really wish she recover soon. They say beautiful is painful, but is it? 

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