Monday, March 18, 2013

Who run the world? Girls!

I just finished writing about Anne Avantie for VOICE+ April Issue. She is such an inspiration. I started to think few women whom I adore. Not only because of their beauty, but also their personality. Compare to men, women should feel great. The simple thing to think about is we can wear both pants and skirt, while men only wear pants their entire life.

The Pioneer of Kebaya 
If u are Indonesian, Im sure u know who she is. If u are not, here's a little story about her. Anne Avantie is a fashion designer specialized in Kebaya. Her designs are beyond perfect. She combined traditional material with modern silhouette. The amazing fact about her is, she never experience formal study about fashion. Yet she become one of most influential designer in Indonesia.  And she is social activist. She help kids who suffer hydrocephalus. Her social journey began when her mother was cured from cancer. She made 'promise' to help who suffer.
Visit her site

Eco Warrior
Nadya Hutagalung was born to an Australian mother and Indonesia father. She start  modelling at 12 years old in Tokyo, Japan. She also become one of the VJ when MTV Asia was launched. She is well known in Asia. There's no doubt about her beauty. She has a project about green living called GreenKampong. And one of Singapore's top 20 influential people voted by CNN. And she is the host of Asia's Next Top Model.
Visit her site

The Duchess of Cambridge
Her charm is flawless. Her life is a dream come true. Kate Middleton has everything women desired. Pretty outfits, charming prince, memorable wedding ceremony, and omg! Her hair, the curl, the color, everything always look perfect. I admit her style is classic but classy. Not sure if she really has the taste or Nikki Pennie, her stylist does.

Mrs. Pitt
Who doesn't recognize this fabulous woman? She's an actress, film director, humanitarian, a hot mama and wife to Brad Pitt. Her lips are every women's dream (or yeah, the dream of men as well) She always appear cool and sexy in most of her movies. Besides, she did a lot of charity.

She become our main report in March issue. 
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