Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade Choco Mug Ice Cream

Im not a good cook, nor I know how to 'cook'. Few times I cook something, the result is not quite satisfy. Yesterday I make a choco mug as I remember valentine is coming. Let the story begin.

First, slice the chocolate bar, so it'll be easier melted.
Boil water, put the chocolate in a bowl and heat it till melting. Stir it up.
While waiting for the chocolate to melt, blow the ballons. (in my case, I fill it water because I dont have  any pump)

Then cover the bottom of ballon with chocolate. Be careful in this step, make sure u cover it well,  because if the chocolate is not quite thick, it will break once u remove the ballon.

 Wait few minutes to dry up the chocolate

Cut the top of the ballon (in my case, I should really careful hold on the ballon while pouring out the water) The ballon will get smaller and easy to remove. Even easier if it doesn't contain water, because once u pin the ballon, done!
This is the look!

If u're using my method (fill with water), somehow u'll have the water on the chocolate.
Slowly dry it with cotton bud
And u already have this fancy (eatable) mug. Add ice cream, ice chocolate, cappuccino, or watever u want. It should be cold. Or the mug will melt down. 

Here it go! I put mocha ice cream <3

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