Monday, January 7, 2013

White Rose

I must say January is a hectic month for me. Lot of works to do. I supposed to do FOUR photoshot this month regarding my leave on February. Not only that, I was also faced some troubles like dealing with florist and bridal. I choose wedding theme for February issues. In the last minute I found out, there are NO florist and bridal. And I should create them all by myself, which I think is impossible. Cuz I only got two days. But thanks God, everything went well. Here's the story of my sleepless night. And I'd like to show you how to DIY rose from tissue paper. Yeah, you heard me!

All you need is tissue paper, and separate them by ply.

Fold it on the edge like the picture below.

Pinch diagonally. And start make the crumple by folding it each side till it shapes as desired. Stick a duck tape on the bottom, so the shape would stay.


A simple wedding gown by me. Will post the proper photoshot on coming post! 

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