Monday, January 14, 2013

Just sayin'

I never love Monday! Doesnt mean I hate my job. I dont know, Im kinda lost my mood and spirit on this job. I mean, yes I love writing and fashion. What annoy me a lot recently is the fact that famous people are so cocky. Yeah, I understand why they're acting that way. Fame, huh? But still, how could u keep canceling the appointment u've made? Busy? Oh, so they think they're the only people who has the busiest life. Think about it, what are those people without media? I know it's not proper to bitching it out on my blog.

I'd rather have my own business. U know, being your own boss is cool. And yeah, Im working on my own label, which already planned last year. Not much progression has been made. Having my own label is one of resolution this year.

Speaking of resolution, I dont make any specific yet. January seems like usual month to me. I know, people should at least celebrate, showing their new whole spirit. I always try to live positively. But life is so much harder than we thought. GOD! Im talking like I know how life works. HA!

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