Monday, January 21, 2013

Flooding Week

I suppose to call it worst weekend since it was flooding in Jakarta. In fact, I found it better than I could imagine. First day when flood hit Jakarta, it feels like hell! I was staying at home the whole day, thing get worse once the electricity has been shut. As much as I hate darkness, I have to bear sleeping in dark (without air conditioner!) The next day, I was thinking no matter what I should get the hell out of my dorm. So I decided to evacuate. Together with my housemate, we rode trash cart! Yeah, you heard me. As soon as we saw flood getting higher, we leave. I admit riding the trash cart is unforgettable experience. Though we're ashamed, we can't resist the laugh. 

Flood everywhere!
Wish for Cinderella cart, and this came up! 
Enough with the flood. After evacuate to a friend's apartment. I met up with my lecturer and some seniors from Limkokwing. Most of them can't make it because of the flood. Ms. Melina is 'not really' teaching me. But she really help me a lot during my finals. She's so expert in pattern making and garment construction. Though Im not good at sewing and pattern making, somehow I wish I could've done better when I was in college. Oh! Really miss the college life.

Me - Ivan - Ms. Melina - Anita

Me - Ivan - Ms. Melina - Desy

The Ladies! <3
After chat at Coffee Bean, we headed to Kafe Betawi, Indonesian restaurant. 

Another story of the flooding week is I met new people and make friends! :)

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