Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life of Pi

Christmas is approaching!! Another year is going to pass. Looking back this year, I dont know what I've achieved. Sometimes I wonder, what am I looking for in this big city. Why should I struggle while I can live peacefully in my hometown without worries. DREAM? Is that the answer I've been looking? In fact, I still dont know what is my dream.

Back to the topic, I just watched Life of Pi. The movie I've been dying to watch. I dont know why, maybe because the story is about adventure, being stranded on ocean, not to mention with a tiger! Anyway, the story involving spiritual side of each religion. But the most fascinating scene from this movie is, the view when the night comes. It reminds me of Kagaya. The luminous effect on a starry night.

source : google

source : google
What a perfection!

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