Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer in Thailand

Holla~ I come back after neglecting my blog quite long. Hope next month I'll be here more often. Working is much harder than college. *sigh*

So, I just had my awesome summer ever. I visited Thailand. Probably not as cool as my trip to Hongkong last year. But what makes this trip special is the people who I traveled with. I always said how important our companion in a trip, no matter which place we visit.

We spent most of our time on the way. We traveled by bus. 12 hours straight sitting on bus. Could u imagine how tough was that? But everything paid off. I even gain some weight. I was all about food. Especially beef and bacon!! Well, I didn't shop as much as I did in Singapore last month. Thing is, my dad is around and keep his eyes on my every moves. Yeah, I hate that. But truth is Im kinda miss the way he protect me. Maybe I never grow up in his mind, fine! That means I'll be his forever little girl :)

So, back to my holiday trip. The only thing I regret is, I didn't visit any beach. Yeah! What is summer without BEACH!! I even prepared to-do list on summer such as snorkeling, riding banana boat, and try parasailing. I know that sounds pity. Alright, maybe next time. And Im very sure, my dad wont let me do any of those.

Time for pictures to speak. Start with my biggest sin of holiday.

I forgot on which day since my arrival in Thailand, we visited wonder world. Not to compare with other theme park, but this one complete our holiday.

My favorite <3

And this is the most entertaining part, we all take a shot for this.

My Super Papa <3

A bit narcissism detected here!

What is the must-visited place in Thailand, beside the Grand Palace? Floating market! Though I didn't shop much, but sitting on the boat with the people around selling things is pretty fun.

Look at how strong is this grandma! XD
We stayed at Baiyoke sky hotel, the tallest tower in Bangkok. The rooftop is amazing at night. And yeah, I wish someday get proposed at a place with such view.

Well, that is the last pic of this post. Goodnite, world!
xx! :*

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