Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bandung Trip

I visited Bandung again as I promised two years ago. We (Wiha, Lay, Djar and me) stayed at Carccadin Hotel.

We arrived Bandung around 11.00am and after checked in, we headed to Pizza e Birra. But before that, as a ritual, me and Wiha took picture in the bathroom (our pleasure guilty) *lol*

Located in Paris Van Java. The food is ok. I mean 6 points of 10. Truth be told, I was freaking full that time.  Like many other young people, after a long way on road we didnt feel any tired. And just went to karoke. Sing wildly. *lol*

The next morning, we headed to Mie Naripan as Wiha suggested it. It tasted super spicy! But in a good way.

We stopped by Rumah Mode, the factory outlet. And I cant bear myself to shop

It looks like we are three statue standing altogether. *lol*

Well, the place doesnt look like a shopping mall instead of more nature. Last place we visited is Kampung Daun. It'll be perfect if I had Ikan Bakar (aka. Grilled Fish) as my dinner.Though I was disappointed of the food which is so so, I can tell the place is nearly perfect. A super friendly nature with many tress, rocks and water flow. We climbed up lots of stairs, and my biggest sin of the trip is wearing HEELS!

Djar - Me - Silver Robot - Wiha - Lay

The most entertaining part of this trip is the people. We laugh all the the day and keep teasing Wiha. (Sorry dear, u're too cute! HAHA!)

p.s Most of the photos were edited with Instagram. I dont care what people called instagramer is hipster. It's just fun!
p.s.s Yeah! I cut my hair.

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