Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Is it brain control the mindset? Or the heart? Somebody please tell me. Is it true that brain and heart, logic and feeling are never in line?
Today I found myself trapped in my own mindset. I was all about complaining how my life goes, the hardship I've been struggling. On the other side, I was thinking of how grateful my life is, comparing to others. Well, some middle-lower class people.
In the end, I just tell myself,
"You are the one who responsible for your happiness. Not because u're not allowed to drive a car, so u don't happy. It's about the way u think. Some people said, u should compare your life to people who has a better life than u. No! It's not all the way it is. Sometimes, u need to look down, just to remind yourself how to be thankful."

At first, I was complaining to my parents. I want to drive, I want puppy, I want new phone, I want this, I want that. But I forgot, how much I've been given. Well, I was born nearly perfect (read: 2 eyes that can see, 2 ears that can hear, and so on), I've experienced college life, I have a job, I have a better shelter to live, while other people still think what to eat for tomorrow.

Im not saying Im a good person. Im sure I'll still complaining about life in the future. But I wish, what happened today will be a new start of my mindset.

Ps. Happy birthday Angel!! Wish u all the best :*

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