Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Grey

Starring Liam Neeson. The awesome dad from Taken. Stunning as always. Movie was great. And so nerve-wrecking. It's my first movie with Mba Tika (my colleague) Start from the beginning, we just can't stop stay aware. Every scene feel so tense. I even cover my ears, like Im watching horror. The silence of the ice field is so annoying. I even hear their every breathing. 
Story about a group of people vs wolves. How they struggle to keep alive. From the attack of the wolves, from fear. Well, some scenes are not fit for children (like me. lol) There's a scene where a man chopping the wolf's neck. So disgusting! But worth to watch. As I say this movie is nice, but a friend of me told me, "however nice is relative."So, tell me yours. 
What I learn from this movie, be grateful of how u live your life. For a freedom of fear. And have no worries when the sky gets darker. 

Saying from the movie: LIVE OR DIE ON THIS DAY
ps. today is white day.
ps. somehow Im not the forever alone today.

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