Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Culinary day

Today was awesome. I interviewed Tex Saverio, who once designed Gaga's costume for harper's bazaar cover. He looked totally 'beautiful', his face is absolutely gorgeous. Even me, a real women envy his beauty. XD

The point of my post isn't that. I had another culinary trip with my work partner. Mba Tika and Mas Donang. Seems like they're my partner for my job.

We were having our lunch at Omah Sendok. It serves mostly Indonesian cuisine. The place is so romantic. An outdoor view with natural touch.

And here are the food. 
Es selendang mayang.

Es cendol ketan.

I forgot the name of this food. Too many kind of food. XD

At 5 we headed to Holycow Steak Hotel. 

ps. a naughty pimple show up on my face ><
pss. yeah! Im wearing specs now. 


  1. Bagus blog nya ^^ hehe

    ohiy, Aku mau tanya. Kaka kemarin ada datang ke lippo supermal karawaci tangerang? :)
    kemarin : Jumat,9-maret-2012

  2. kemarin yah? kayak nya ga ada.. kenapa ya? hehe~

  3. Kemarinnya pas hari jum'at kak, tanggal 9 maret :)
    Hm.. apa mungkin salah orang ya? Tapi bener deh, aku liat org itu persis banget kayak foto-foto yg ada di blog kaka ini..
    Kalau emang bukan, ya mungkin hanya mirip aja, hehe :D