Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy friday bloggers! How ya doing? Im doing great btw. And will be busier by next week. Lot of things await. I was kinda upset today. I was planning to watch Sherlock Holmes: The game of shadow. But it's over in cinema. Im too late :(
So I went to bookstore, bought some novels. And plan to finished 'em up by this weekend. Though it sounds lame, but I feel its kinda great. Spending my day reading book in my favorite bed, since Im type of bookworm. LOL~

Ah! there's also an apple on it. Yes! Im on diet. Dont laugh! Im serious this time. Hope everything goes well. Cuz so far, when I said Im on diet. I ended up gaining weight. Just because I cant endure my hunger. HAHA! But not this time. I guess. XD

So, happy weekend, bloggers!

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