Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet and Greet

As u know, Im now working for a magazine. I could call myself a fashion journalist. Probably? Ya, just name it like that. Sounds better. HAHA!

So I have a corner for fashionable people in that magazine. And I had an interview with Diana Caitilin, a fashion blogger who has a lot of visitor. And for God's sake, her outfits are all gorgeous. She has a lot of sponsor. Honestly, it was my first time (ever) to interview someone. Basically, I know nothing about journalist. And Im not a good writer. So I wonder how could my article will end up?
Speaking of interview, I was nervous (may be worse than the one I interviewed. LOL!) And once I stepped in that cafe, and met her, everything seems just fine. We talked like an hour. Mostly about our college, Limkokwing (Well, she's now studying in Limkokwing too. Haha~). Because I had already read her article in her blog. So I dont have so much question to ask, since it was written all in her blog.
Then I started asking about her activity in fashion. She's an honest girl with all her passion for fashion. Glad that I know her. Hope I could have another meet and greet with her.

Ah! Superb thanks to Riky (read: the photographer) for your time. :)

If u are interested to follow her style, here's the link.
Diana Netaneel Caitilin

After that I headed to meet someone, called Jandi. He was supposed to be the next-I-interview. Somehow, it just ended up by interviewing a girl, who was as awesome as Diana. HAHA!
She's cici Jakarta 2011. Well, she's a winner of an election. Something like, miss universe? But in a smaller definition. Of her look, I know she's an attractive girl and energetic. And yeah, she does. Talking with her, and my nervousness just flew away. I dont feel like Im officially had an interview, but more to talking with a friend? Haha~

What Im gonna say is, I LOVE MY JOB!! Meeting with great persons. It's just so awesome. Well, may be now, things seems a bit tough. But I know Im gonna work it out.
Yeaah! :D

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