Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dont judge my post by that title. It wasnt that 'heartbreak' I wanna talk about. So what's this about? SHOPPING!
I bought a top from Topshop couple weeks ago. And I just saw it on sale today. 50% Ooh~ so heartbreaking! :(

But good thing also happen to me today. As I post the morning glory, I just knew it something good will happen to me. HAHA! I went out with Angel, my bestie from high school. We had our lunch, and headed home earlier. It's raining, so we planned to go home before it getting worse. 

Ah~ miss her already.
So, the next good thing happen to me is, despite I was disappointed of the 50% sale. Im also pleased with that sale. I wanted buy this cardigan long time ago, but I dint manage to buy it because of the price. And guess what? It's on 50% sale. Grab it fast! And now it's hanging beautifully in my wardrobe.

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