Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year 2012

I had a great time celebrating new year eve with Stephanie and her relatives. Thank u so much for letting me joining the party :)
I make a stupid bet with Stephanie. And it's kind of crap. So I'll just making that as my last stupidness I've ever done in 2011. 

So what's my plan for 2012? Hm, I guess Im having a haircut. Well, probably not so soon. And it must before CNY.
Next thing which is the most important thing I should've done is moving on. Which means my life will go on to a better circumstances. Yeah! I dont have to write em all. Cuz I know what's the best for me and my life. Sometimes, being better is much more good than be the best. It means, we dont have to be perfect in every things, but getting better from what we've been through. In short, I might be a better me from who I am last year. I know I've been through a lot of things these past years, but that made me a strong person.

Besides the 2012 doomsday issue, let's challenge ourselves and prove that was just an issue which has nothing to do in real life. And how to make it works? Be better from who u are. That helps a lot. If each person on earth thinking that way, how much have we done for life?

Happy new year, people!

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