Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is coming

Lil bit story about my first day working. Well, I could say I might be totally blur in today's meeting. Seriously I barely know anything about marketing of a magazine. Somehow, I know there might be a lot of things for me to learn. And still a long way to understand what is real life like. Yeah! Keep fighting, lil! Today I saw so many things beyond my thoughts. As u know, I was like being protected under college, and now Im officially into new world. Say hello to hell. LOL!

Yes! Christmas is coming. A sweet holiday to celebrate with beloved ones. I dont  know if u feel the same. Every special occasion happening, it reminds me of how it happened last year. Like now, Christmas is coming. I guess nothing special will happen this year. I mean ya! I have no friends to celebrate with. Unlike last year. I could say that was the best Christmas I ever had. Just look at my post last Christmas. Though I had to work, but somehow I enjoyed it. After my night-tiring-shift, me and Wiha just sitting at Starbucks, talking and waiting for cab.
Well, it probably not so special. At least, I have someone to talk with. I dont know if this Christmas will be as great as last year.
And it soon makes me realized of how much I missed the things I used to do or have.

So Christmas, it suppose to be peace, snowy, lots of laughter on the streets, people holding candle along the streets. (well, may be I watched too much drama LOL) And it doesnt work in here. I mean in Indonesia. Cuz there will be no SNOW at all.
But, I still hope this Christmas will bring me joy. :)

Merry Christmas, fellas! (edited by my lovely sista)

ps. this is sucks, something wrong with my lappy. It keeps dint responding, and my itunes cant working. Really need to fix this mess up.

pss. my besties, Christine was just graduated and had a final fashion show. Congrats dear! Finally u completed ur diploma.

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