Saturday, November 19, 2011


Woooow! I have been waiting to come back. But I never had the right time. So, here I am now.
Miss writing so much! Lot of things happened lately.
Im now living in Jakarta. Well, still not official.

I had so much fun here. Together with my cousin. Her name is SELLY. So who is she? And how she look like?
After a long boring day at home, we finally decided to travel Grand Indonesia, which have been haunted us is SHOPPING!
Seriously, we spent bucks of money.

Start by late lunch, because of the taxi. It's true Jakarta is identical of the traffic jam. Even not in the busy hour, the road seems so crowd. We were in taxi for around hours. We were having our lunch @Pasta de Waraku. Honestly, the food is just so so.

Dunno why, I think I will a make a good couple with her. HAHA! We are just so fit each other. LOL!

Ah! Really love this. Outfit by ZARA!!

Last but not least, my everlasting smile <3

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