Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chance for Change

If  there's a chance for a better change, Im willing to. But if that will bring an everlasting pain, Im certain not.
There's a saying, there'll be rainbow after rain, a smile after tears. May be that's true.
It doesnt matter how much pain a person should bear for a change. It's just how brave enough a person taking the chance.

Well said. It look like Im completely desperate. Which Im not. I mean yes, a bit.
Im not type of person who is willing for change. Im surely missed the thing I used to do.

But whatever it is, if that is the best. I could possibly walk on this path. Though I dont want it either.
Kind of too melancholic. Whatever. I just shared my thoughts. Sight of life.

So, what the heck am I talking about. Well, I should choose my future. Not just wasting my time. Im getting mature. I grew up. And it's time to think of my life. Probably, Im going to work by now. Continue my study seems so hopeless. Since my dad wont allow me to go that far. No matter study or working, it doesnt matter now. I will just walk on my path. And keep going through. :)

ps. miss someone!

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