Friday, September 23, 2011

Beyond my limit

I've been thinking about life lately. How things go wrong. And it's kind disappoint me.
I keep thinking things will go well. In fact, its not. 

My life has been turned up and down recently. Sometimes, I feel there's something I used to hold, and now it just gone. 
I dont know what. Probably something important. Desire. Passion of life. 
I feel so far from the things I love. Well, it might be person.

First, I missed my besties like hell. Not just them but the feeling surround them. U know, cheer, laugh, talk, yaa~ girls stuff.
I remembered most of the nights we spent, chatting all the night, having our crazy supper which late at night. 
No much to worry, though there were tons of assignment. Who care? In the middle of the pressure time, we still could chill somewhere, even just for a meal. God! I realized how much they meant to me. Well, Im not being exaggerated. Thats true. About how I feel. 

How could life be so cruel? It's true, every meeting will end with farewell. But I do hope for a reunite. And I know we will. 
Second thing which makes me up and down is someone. Well, I could say, Im now a loner. I have no one to share about life. Yes, I have my family around. But still, this thing is too sensitive. It's a heart trouble. 

Okay, enough. Life is tough. I just dont understand, how could things turned so bad at once. 
U know u were on the top of happiness, the next second u realized u have been throw to the ground. Pathetic.

No matter what, thanks for everything. At least Im now could officially say a goodbye. Well, not that sad wave goodbye.
For some reason, it will always stay in my heart. U know I will and always do.
May I see the happiness soon.

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