Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is knocking

Hey! What's up? Hope everyone's been doing good. :)

This post should be publish yesterday. But I was kinda busy. Well, this will be just another outings with my besties. Truth to be told, it was boring at the beginning. Because I was sleepy. And Christine has heartburn. 

We went to Midvalley. Having lunch there @Sushi King. But seems like Sushi is not the best option to choose while we were starving. 

This is Northpoint. Im not sure what's exactly the place is. Got a Sony customer service there. Christine want to repair her laptop screen. Nice place, huh?

As usual, we should have our tea time ceremony. This time we spend time @The Gardens cafe. Since Christine is not feeling well, she should have a hot tea. The jar and cup looks perfect for our evening. LOL!

Here comes the exciting part of the day. What else? SHOP! 
Remember I was looking for orange outfits? Finally! I bought a pants in orange! Awaw! Love it! Love it! XD

This will be another inspiration. I found it in my blog dashboard. Tomato to wear
Say HELLO to SUMMER, my dear! ♥

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