Friday, June 3, 2011


OMG! I have to post this long time ago! But I dint. Reason is Im super busy with my assignment. Im sorry. Im not here recently. And I'll be post again two weeks later. But I'll keep writing. 
My final is about to come on 16th. And I still have to do 3 garments. With a lots of board and the stuff! OMG!! Im dying! Seriously. But I'll fight. This is my last semester in Limkokwing. *fiuh~

So what happened? I went to Sunway Pyramid few weeks ago. Together with Christine. Ya! Only two of us. We were like, "uhm~ should we go somewhere?" Then suddenly TARAAA! We were at Sunway. The exciting part of today is, we played ICE SKATING! FYI, I never tried this before. Well, first my parents never allow me to skate, then Im afraid to try.
But I reinforced myself. Of course with Christine's escort. I can say that she's such a good teacher. She keep holding my hand. LOL! Thanks to u,dear!

The shoes! Ya! The shoes. Is more terrible than high heels. I cant even walk properly. And when it comes on the ice, I feel like Im on uncontrolled board. I cant stop my move. Keep rolling and rolling. Luckily, I have Christine by my side, and the holder beside the ring. I wonder how they can even dance on the ice ring. Practice! YES!! May b I need more practice. 
I finished four rows. First, I was so nervous, and I keep held the side of the ring. Second comes easier, though I still cant keep my hand aside. Third, I start to loose my grip. And forth, I can handle my body. To keep it balance, and touch the side ring rarely. Though I was still nervous and scare of fall down. But, I dint fall down. Seriously! Well, I might just ALMOST fell. But thanks God, I dint have my face on the ice. LOL!
I hope, I'll get better doing that next time. HAHA!

I never expect that skating will be so tiring. But ya! It still kinda fun! :D

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