Monday, June 20, 2011


First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, PAPII!! Love u always and forever. Wishing always happy and stay healthy.

So, we went to club. And had much fun there. I admit, I drunk a bit! Well, perhaps more than a bit. I keep talking and laughing. But I dint know what Im laughing at. OMG! That was awful. All I can feel is my head spinning around. That's not only me who get drunk. Diana too. She is worse than me. LOL! But yaeah, we had fun!
Dancing, singing, drinking and laughing. Here's the pictures. Because it was dark, some pictures are bluuuur.

 Well, those are pictures we took before we going. We look good. I mean really good. Compare with after party! LOL~

So, here we are. Rock the club and get crazy together. Well, this is actually a farewell party with my classmate. Somehow, there were friends I've just met.

When we headed home, we stopped at Mc Donald. Wiha told me, that I cant even feed myself. LOL! So she helped me. Thanks dear! :*
I sleep right away after I laid on bed. 

Another this is, what I've done since this morning is just laid on my bed, and watching Pretty Little Liars. I had no time to watch it. And finally, I made it. I can say Pretty Little Liars is not as awesome as Gossip Girl. Still, I prefer the GG wardrobe. Somehow, I love the story. Lots of mistery. 

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