Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everything done? NOT YET!

Wow! After a loooong time, finally I come back, fellas! :)
How u guys doing? Let me talk about mine. Im dying these past days!

My presentation was on 16th, so I did everything in rush. Even my garments. 
Guess what! TARAAAA! My presentation was postpone to be 17th. MyGod!! I was like, " so whatever I done is useless!?"
But still be positive, at least I have one day to finish all my paper works. 

Going home and have some sleep is not a good option though. Yap! I oversleep!!! I dint plan for that. Nobody does, right? LOL!

When I woke up, it was 1am. And how am I going to do my assignments, in that late? Of course my eyes wont working properly. And so my brain. 
And simply, I just fell asleep. HAHA! The next day I opened my eyes, it was 6am already, which is the real presentation day.

Here it comes. The deadline. Which will end everything. My last presentation in Limkokwing. The end of my three years struggling with study. To be honest, Im not well prepared yet. But whether I was ready or not, who cares!
But luckily, everything going well. Though, I still have a lot of works to be done. Like some of my paper works. *sigh~
I leave them all to be done tomorrow. Beacuse I dont feel like I wanna touch any of them. Im sick of assignments. SERIOUSLY!! 

Here, I got some polaroid of my presentation day.
This is me with my cheerfully model, Christina. Thanks her for modelling. She's doing great on the photoshoot. Unfortunately, I still havent get my photos yet, Just wait! Haha!

Well, I can see these pictures are totally bluuuur! I dont know what happened. I asked someone to shoot for me. But these are all I have now. Will upload the clear version later. 

Let's skip the presentation part. It's going boring in the end. Cuz i have to wait for my friends turn, and do nothing there.
U know, every suffers will end with a pleasure moment. Every time I finish my works, I will celebrate it with my besties. Our plans is simple. Going to cinema and have dinner.

Im sure u can easily guess where it is, once u see the photos. Ya! It's at Seoul Garden. AGAIN! It's just come directly to our mind when we were about to pick a place. Not a bad choice. We were having some fun there. Beside we were having our pants tighter after leaving there. LOL!

We watched X-men, First Class. Movie was nice. Though, the ending is a bit dissapointing. Not much about this movie, since Im not a fan of X-men. But we have some fun there. We even take pictures. When it's getting dark, suddenly my polaroid flash suprised them in the cinema. LOL!

Well, I cant wait to watch Monte Carlo. I'd love to watch Leighton Meester, But that's not mean Im a Selena haters. LOL! I think the story is good. Besides the wardrobe and Leighton, tell u what! The actors are handsome! HAHA!


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