Sunday, June 26, 2011


First of all, it was my fault. Being careless. :(
I dont know what happened to me lately. Everything that happen turned into shit. Everything I've done is totally stupid!
My besties told me, may be I was having a problem in my head. And cant get rid of it. Well, I hope so. But honestly, I have nothing in my mind. I mean "problem".
Let me start the sucks story of my life lately. 
This month is the worst month I ever had. May be Im senile. I keep forgot bring the hairband when I was doing the photoshoot of my first garment. Even for my final presentation. See? How stupid I was!
Well, that's nothing to compare with this one.
I asked my mom to buy flight ticket for my graduation ceremony. Somehow, I was told that the date changed. Well, never mind. Then I asked my mom to reschedule the flight. DONE!
U know what? In the end, the graduation date changed back. MYGOD! Im speechless. I keep thinking, what if I dint ask my mom to change the schedule. Then nothing to worry. Regret comes late. But at least, my parents will be on the fashion show. I mean the ticket can be used for my fashion show. Though, I know, my dad wouldnt be happy for that. 

Things dint stop there. I faced a lot of that kind of bad luck recently. Just skipped that small part. Here comes the biggest stupidness I've ever done.
Last nite, I bought a flight ticket going back to my hometown. Well, I was supposed to be happy. But Im not. U know, shit did happen!
I dont know whether it's my internet connection problem or the flight centre. It said, an error occurred. FINE! I thought the transaction failed. 
So, I asked my sister to buy another ticket. After awhile, I received TWO emails. Saying that I just bought two tickets. Which are the first transaction I did myself. And my sister did. OMG!!! Oh! It's not JUST TWo tickets. It's FOUR! Including my friend one.
How am I supposed to do!? I tried called the service centre. They said, they cant do anything, whether it's refund or cancel the ticket. F*CK!! 
Im so stressed!! Why this happened to me? Isnt the first case enough for me to learn?

Honestly, I understand, that was all MY FAULT! I cant be patient. I mean, things can wait, dont they? And how stupid I was being careless everytime. 
I know, there must be a lesson behind a mistake. And I learnt. But please, Im so DONE with this. 
Ps: I still wish for the best. Whether the flight centre could cancel my tickets or just refund it. 

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