Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cast Away

Cast away? I know, it was an old movie. I just watched it. To be honest, I skipped the beginning part. It's so boring! They keep talking, talking and talking. HAHA!
Point is not about the story. But how Chuck Noland as the main character survive in an island. Left nothing but some packages from FedEx. He invented a lot of things. Like, a knife from ice-skating shoes. Fish net from a soft tule dress. Amazing! So, human might be alive, wherever they are. All we need is spirit to keep living. 

I think that was fun. Being stranded on island. Shelter in a cave. Hunting for food. And light a fire using woods? Besides, I will get hurt. There will be so much scars left on me. NOOOOO!!! And most important, I will be insane. Talking to a volley ball??

Well, human is a social creature. How am I supposed to live a life without talking? Better kill me! So, having a volley ball- friend called wilson, is acceptable. LOL! Unfortunately, he lost his volley friend. *sobs~
This movie is not just about an adventure. It's more to zest of life. In case, that was me. I'd rather die. HAHA!

Speaking of an object- friend, I have one. :) I'd like to talk about him long time ago. So here! 
His name is Ilepen. A small pillow who accompany me for  ages. May be when I was 4 years old or something? I forgot when it was exactly. So, I can say, he is my best friend ever!  


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