Thursday, June 23, 2011


I feel like I want write something. But I dont know what to write. Pretty weird, huh? 
Or may be I could just share my life tale lately? Not much. Im pretty enjoying it. Of course without assignment. Though, I still have some to be done. But I dont feel like I wanna touch any of them. Im so sick of assignment. I watched a lot of drama series lately. Pretty Little Liars. To be honest, that movie makes me a bit stressed! Watching it, make me tired of guessing the suspect.  So I stopped watching that, whenever I think that was enough. Let's not talk about that movie. Jeez!
Im bored. And totally blur about my days. 

Just browsing youtube and found this. I've been listening to this song thousand times lately. Just keep listening it over and over again. Yea! Britney is back! She has a lots of drama in her life. And left them all behind. Good! She is now back to stage. Be a real diva. 

Tell u what!? I miss him badly. But seems like no one cares, huh? :(
*sigh~ Cheer up Lil!

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