Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is just another outings with my girls. We went to Sunway Pyramid today. Just to chill out. Having lunch @Fong Lye. It is not the first time I tasted the food. But Christine does. 
We chatted a lot there. Topic is still the madness of yesterday that I did. U know that. MIST! MYGOD! I hope everyone could just forget about that nite. Im kinda shy! LOL!

U know, girls love to do that. Taking picture in front of big mirror. Where own that? TOILET! XD

We used to enjoy out tea time for sure. And Cinnabon always the right place to spend time. 

We dint shop much today. We were looking for ORANGE color actually. SUMMER is so in now. Green and orange are favorite these days. But we find nothing but accessories @forever21. We bought a couple necklace. Not couple. I'd dather say it FRIENDSHIP. Sorry! I dint have that picture. Maybe next time? 
Here is the ring I just bought. And I wear it afterward I bought it. 
J' adore ♥

Our day wont be perfect without movie, huh? Yup! Sure, we watched a movie. BLITZ starring Jason Statham. My forever idol. He's more than cool to me. Sexy? Definitely. He always look cool in his every movies. Except CRANK! That was pretty sucks. Blitz is ok. I mean story is not bad. Well, he's not as cool as he was in Transporter or The Mechanic. But still, his voice always make me melting. LOL!

I have problem with my skin. I dont know what's that exactly. Probably allergic? Hope that was just allergic. I hope that is not something serious. Please! I hate being sick. I keep scratching myself. OMG! I have to stop. Or otherwise, it will leave scar. NO!!! I would never wish for that. Well, I bought a medicated talc. Hope it works. 

I have something on my mind. I made a call to my mom this morning. And she asked me again, about my study and everything. I really wish I could continue my study. But yet, I still dunno where. Should I really take business? Im confuse. Cuz I never love counting. But who knows that'll fun? So should I just make a shot? 

Talking about future is not easy. We keep thinking and deciding. In the end, there's always a way better than what we thought. Ah~ better I continue watching Pretty Little Liars. Im really into that series. Im wondering how will be the ending. But it seems nothing revealed till the end of season one. ARGH!

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