Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to SCHOOL

Long time dint get update. Guess why!?
I cant sign in my blog in my hometown!
Because of the security system perhaps.

So what happened during my short-holiday!?

Hm~ I met some friends. Hang out with my sista.
And of course eat a lots of tasty food! LOL~

Well, may be there'll be no photo for this post. But I'll upload it next time.

Deep breath *sigh~
New semester is about to start.
This is my last semester in Limkokwing. I know it'll be much harder than previous semester.
So I need more spirit!!

After all, I still enjoying my college life.
Gathering with my friend.
And have no worries about working and money. LOL!

But we need to grow up and face the real life.
So, I'll just (TRY) to enjoy every challenge for my college life.


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