Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A journey

I come back! Im bit surprised, that you guys drop comment of my blog.

So what I wanna share today.
Well, today is my day off!
And I really enjoy my day.

Okay, I went out with Joe this morning.
As we planned, we'll go to IOI mall by bus.
But (maybe) we miss the bus. Sure, we wait for awhile.
I mean not really awhile!! Around 20 minutes!?
Then we decided to take taxi. LOL~

So, there we go. Have ur lunch at next stop.
*aaah~ forgot to take picture of ur foods!
We r just too hungry! HAHA!
Btw, thanks Joe for the lunch! :D

Well then, Joe continue his journey to see his father.
And me!?
Start my journey!!

After buy the tickets, I went to bookstore.
The place I enjoyed the most!
Pick a novel. And then spend my day at donuts!
Enjoying my chocolate freeze with a novel on my hand.
What a day I dream for a long time!

What's special of today is I go to cinema alone.
I never do that before. I think it's kinda cool.

I watched The tourist and Gulliver's travel.
OMG! They both are awesome!!

Well, I hope there'll b another TODAY, SOMEDAY! :)

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