Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bye Tiamo~

Farewell JOB! Farewell INTERNSHIP! Farewell TIAMO!
But~ the meaning of TIAMO still stay in heart.
YEAH! 2 months passed like hell at beginning.
But it left a sweet memory in the end.
Everything seems so boring and tiring. And getting better when it almost finish.
Freedom? Is not just about relief, but to get ready and left it behind.
Become a part of the history of life.

So, what I get in these 2 months!?

1st, I know what RESPONSIBILTY really meant.
Well, I admit. When I was studying, and everytime I felt lazy to get up from my bed. I could easily decided not to go! But, when it all come to WORK, I'll definetly wake up. NO MATTER HOW LAZY I AM!

2nd, I know how hard to EARN MONEY!
Since I never work before. And money come from parents. I could easily spend them.
But now, when I think I was paid Rm.5 per hour, I understand how Rm.5 will be so valuable.
I mean, I've spent ONE HOUR to stand. And I only get Rm.5, which I can buy drinks only.
And I found out my feet a bit weary. And I should spend the Rm.5 wisely of course. NOT TO WASTE IT!

3rd, I understand what they mean by DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.
I know that's common. Everybody knows that. But they dint agree with that statement.
"Ooh~ look! LV bag is hanging on her hand. She must be rich!"
Without knowing, that bag must be FAKE!
See? How easy we've cheated by eyes! LOL~
But, I learn. I mean I really have gone through this.
Well, the example above might be me.
I cant judge my customer by her BAG, OUTFIT, or even her SHOPPING PLASTIC BAG.
Bcuz sometimes, that one wear a T-Shirt with slipper, perhaps could buy some shoes from me.
YES! Really.
Dont ever trust what u see. Cuz u wont know how interesting a story just by seeing the cover.
It's true!!

4rd, I know that make friends is EASIER than I thought.
Since Im nervous to talk or start a relation with newcomer.
YEAH! We can make friend with anybody.
Colleague, customer or even strangers.

5th, last but not least. EXPERIENCE is something EXPENSIVE.
Till u cant buy it with MONEY.It's a sincerity from people who let u get it.

Well, that's what I get through this bitter-sweet 2 months.

Here my HUGE THANKS for them, who give me experiences. And left a history in my life.

- Jezz Lim, my kind-hearted manager.
I thought there'll be a scary manager, who always give pressure to the staff. But thanks, u show me, it dint exist in real life. HAHA!
- Phink, my 1st colleague ever! A modest girl and hard-working. U'll be supervisor someday!
- Kak Eyda, for the help of giving me sales, when I havent open any bill yet. LOL~
- Steve, the one who interview me, and surprise me in the morning calling that I was approved working there.
- Celeste, for briefing me and give me some tips to do sale.
- Macky and the Gardens staff, for being a nice colleague.
- Kak Nana, though we just met. But it's glad to meet u!
- Bonita staffs, who always busy to arrange same schedule between me and Wiha. HAHA!
- Mr Teo and Mrs Lim, though I dont know them very well. But thanks for employee me. And the salary. LOL~
and special THANKS to Kak Tatik.
Remember my previous post?
A woman who cook for me? Yes! The ordinary woman with extraordinary heart!
Thanks for all ur kindness. I really touched!

Well, that's all about my thankies!
Now as usual, it's time for picture.
YA! Picture tells more than words! LOL~

 Well, we have a lil party on my last day working. (Ooh~ please pardon me, Ms.manager. This is 1st and the last gonna happened in Tiamo. LOL~)
 Phink and me going to choose the flavour of our ice cream. NICE! And it's time to be NARCISSSIST AGAIN! HAHA~

 Ya! I know Im not a good staff! See? My uniform are so crumple. HAHA~ They've remind me for thousand time to iron the uniform. But I dint! LOL~
At least I do make-up on my last day working. I fullfill my promise to Kak Eyda.
 So.. This is the shoes from Tiamo. They are cute and adorable, arent they?
Well, the shoes are quiet expensive, I admit. But the point of their selling is quailty. NO WONDER!
And these are the latest collection for Chinese New Year.
Guess which one is me!? XD 
And here I am! Back to my style.
Say bye to uniform, hair-bun, housekeeping and doing sales.
Well, they all are fun, if I really enjoy them. But I dint! HAHA~
May be I'll look for another job in other time.
Nice quote and quite inspire.
But I dint mean I hate my job, okay?
May b that's not my skill to do sales. But it trained me, to be more active in sociality.

Here are the gift for my colleague. A polaroid photo. That might be an ordinary photo. YA! It seems so~
But.. deep inside that, we have our memories.

TIAMO to all Tiamo lovers!
I ♥ U...

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