Friday, December 3, 2010

Training : 1st day

Fiuuh~ What a day!

Damn tiring! Not bcuz of transportation. Either my job.
I've been standing for around 7 hours today!

*applause to me~

Let the story begin.
I woke up at 7. Then shower and simply do my hair.
Then Yung~ came, we both go downstair wait for bus.
Together with Marisa and Astika, we took the bus. And I stopped in Midvalley.

After I reach Tiamo shoes outlet, I was officially briefed.
And know Tiamo shoes more. A romantic and feminime design for girl.
Based on Ballerina shoes concept. Yes! Everything is flat!

The retail is so cute! Everything in soft pastel color. And so princess!
Well, it just so me! HAHA!

And know what!? This is kinda annoy me actually.
I have to do make up every day! :(
I dont know so much about that stuff.
But again! I was simply briefed in Elianto make up outlet.

So I know how to do casual make up.
I mean completely start with foundation and blah blah blah~
But~ sorry! I wont do that. Cuz that make up makes me look older!
Well, I should find simple daily make up. Yes!

So what I've learn for today!?
SO MUUUCH! Till' I forgot some! LOL~
For example, I know a measurment called Monopoint.
How to do packaging and visual display.
Oh yeah~ I'll write them down on my journal of course!

And what's exciting today is I found new friends! :D
Macky and Rien!
Will introduce them later. Hihihiy~

Okay then, I have to wash my hair.
Cuz It has been sprayed to form a perfect bun!
And yeah~ I have to wake up early tomorrow!

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