Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more training

Yeah! Sorry cant update my second day of training.
Well, it's almost same as 1st day.
Standing from morning till night.
Serve costumer, go to store, check the size and color.
Wrap it up. And say "Thank you, come again!"
Yes! Just like that.
Simple? Yeah! But guess what!?
My feet is super duper tired! :(

Okay, no more training.
Start from tomorrow, I'll b more busy!
The new outlet is opening soon this coming wednesday.
 I move to Sunway Pyramid outlet.
So tomorrow I will help other staff to arrange the display. And tidy up.
Fiuuh~ I bet it'll b so hard for me.
But yea~ FIGHTING!! 

Ok then.
Cya next time.

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