Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A gift for my Christmas

Well, I bet everyone were celebrate christmas full of joy and happines.
Except me! :(
I have to work. *Sigh~

We are in the end of december. The end of year.
Still~ Im kinda enjoying this month.

I have a story to tell.
It just happened today!

I met an angel. Not that one with white wings and got a circle above her head!
Im not in heaven yet. LOL~

But ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart.

She work as cleaning service in the place I work.
1 week ago I met her.
And she recognized me as Indonesian.
So we talk. She's from Surabaya (Same place with Yung). LOL~
Then she asked me whether I love to eat Javanese Cuisine.
She planned cook for me.
And gave me the food today.

I dont know what is this called. Spicy soup!? Quite nice. Though I dont like spicy.
This is sambal balado. SUPEEER SPICY!! LOL~
Well, may be that's not a high-class food.
But I really appreciate it.
Dunno why there's such a person like her in this world.
She's kind to me, and ask me to eat her cook again.
You know!? She dont even want me to pay.
That's why I feel uneasy.
How come I could  receive that all?

But she show me how the existence of kindness.
And it's amazing.
Im sure, God see this and give her more!
And this might be a GIFT for my christmas.

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