Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free? It's kinda boring!

Im now free! Totally free!!
Im happy? Of course ya! 
But I think my life is kinda boring. :(
Dunno wadd to do!
Yea! Im a kind of person who love to complain!
When I got assignment, I was like ," I wanna be free!"
And when Im free, I was like, "What to do!?"

I know there so much things to do out there.
Shopping, Going to cinema, read manga, playing piano, reading, write my diary, and BLOGGING!
I still have facebook, twitter, messenger, and phone!
But where are the people I used to connect with?
Yea! Eveyone is going home, enjoying holiday.
And me?
Still looking for internship!
OOH~ Poor me! :(

I havent found it yet. And I have to.
I wanna go HOME!
I miss my family. But I have a reason to stay.
I know everything will be okay soon!

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