Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best NOVEMBER ever!!!

Long time no c! :D
I got a lots of story!! Yeaa~ so many things happened!

I just celebrated my birthday last week.
2nd November. And I got special gift from someone special.
HUGE THANKS to my housemates, who have prepared things.
Especially CHRISTINE! XD
She's the one who are supeeer busy for my birthday. I know!
Hm~ we were kinda busy that time. Because of assignment.
That's why we didnt held any party.
I just blow a candle, and make a wish.
They threw flour and water on me. Damn cold! LOL~
But thaaanks!!
For the wishes.
For the surprise.
For spend the nite for me in the middle of assignment.
For everything.

Gotta go!
My assignment is waiting~ Huuf!

My final is this coming friday.
Ooh! I sent one of my garment to tailor. A bit relief. Fiuuh~
But still, a lot of things to be done.
Wish me luck.