Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stake issue

Yellow... :)
 I just make a chatbox for my blog. And I wish you are willing to drop a "hi".
And talk there.

What about the stake issue?
So we (me and my girls) bet. Who lose will buy a lot of snacks! LOL
And here's the rule.
We arent allowed to talk bad words counting on 24.00 tonite.
Even a word, "SHIT!"
Well, I bet Christine will lose. Cuz she's the one with a sharp tongue. Hah!
*fighting, Chris!
This is the first time we do game like this.
Idk who start this. But I think it's good for Christine, lesson for her. LOL!

So this game is about to control our emotion.
And Im sure, we all can do our best!
Fighting Girls!!