Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Why I name the title as RANDOM?
Bcuz I feel like I wanna write something.
But I dont know what to write.
And it's so RANDOM.

I might not sleep tonite.
What else!? Assignment. The biggest enemy in my life. Haha!
But hell yeah, Im still blogging.

Im totally have no idea about my work.

I wonder why Im so lazy?
The harder I try to think, I still cant figure it out.
And I realized I just waste my time to think about the answer. Haha!

Is being lazy count a sin. I cant imagine how much sin i've did.

May b there's an evil beside me. And told me be lazy.
May b Im just not in mood to do my work.
May b Im tired.
May b the work is too hard for me.
May b I can do it better next time. So I dont have to force myself now.
May b it's a destiny to b lazy.
Thousand of MAY BE that I cant write one by one.

And yeaah~
'May Be' is the word for the lazy lady like me.

*wanna share a story.
About my friend.
I dont have to write her name. (She should b proud that I write about her. Haha~)

May b (AGAIN may b! Haha~)
Love isnt in ur side right now.
And love isnt playing around u.
It's sincere. That's why it need time to gather u to someone.
Dont worry,dear.
There's always someone for someone.
When it's time, he'll come.
U may fail loving someone (or some-Ones)
Cuz love is always about that.
People come and go.
So do love. But when u find the true .
Believe that's ur destiny.

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