Friday, September 24, 2010

Dont say u know me before u read this!!!

This gonna be my first longest post.LOL~
About me:
- Im 150cm/ 44Kg (Petite!!)
- My physically look, u can check it in my photo. :)
- I have two piercings on my left ears and one on right.
- I talk a little to people who I just knew. And b super talkactive to people who close to me. So pleasee! Dont judge me that Im arrogant till u know the real I am.

- Spicy.
- Crispy sound. Dunno y! It's annoy me. :(
- Drinking sound. Glek! Glek! GLEK!! Ohh~ my mom love to do that. Hah!
- TICKLE!! I'll scream loud being tickled.
- Flies and mosquitos. Watever with that insects!
- ASSIGNMENT! Of course teen hate it. LOL!
- Horror. Cuz I keep imagine how if the ghost come toward me when Im shower. SCARY!! 
- Liars. Cheaters.
- When my hair looks perfect before i get in shower. And my hair doesnt do what i want. OOH! Bad hair day!!
- Waiting (ooh~ tell me who do?)
- Presentation. It's make me like stupid girl waiting for my turn *NERVOUS
- Exam!! Though I have to.
- My phone is low battery when Im texting my favourite someone.
- When I remember something in my past which I dont want to remember, cuz it's hurt!
- People who dont know me, but talk bad about me.
- Being bored. Get stuck with something. And have no idea.
- Faker = F*cker
- Girl act stupid to get attention. So bitchy,yeah?
- Being sick with a heap of medicines.
- Sneezing. though sometimes I love how my voice turn mellow when I get cold. LOL~
- It's raining when Im about to go out.
- When my mom get blah blah blah~ @$#%^*$@#!!
- People who compare me with others. " U know, u'll b better than Ms.X if u... blah blah blah" Oh please!! Im just me. Though Im nt perfect, I love the way I am.
- Copy cat!
- When I have my meals, cat comes around. Ugh!!
- When I have a party but I dont have match outfit!! I'll like , "ooh~ I better stay at home tonight."
- When Im almost done with my work, and my PC down! So I cant save my work!!
- Disconnect!
- When teachers randomly ask me to answer a question when Im BUSY with my dream. LOL~
- People who dont text back. And Im stupidly waiting for reply. Hah! Just send me a simple text, "Im busy right now." So i dont have to wait for the reply. And u r not bcome one of this list. LOL~
- Traffic jam when Im in rush hour.
- When I try to answer the task, the teacher keep standing behind me, and watch me. I need to concentrate!
- Receiving chain message saying im gonna die if I dont forward it.

Yeah, I hate so many things in this LIFE. Dont tell me that Im so BAD. Cuz I know!
But tell me, who's not hate any of my list above?
If u think u dont hate any above, then u already in one of that list. LIAR!

Im sorry. U just have to be honest to yourself. :)
Though u might be in my HATE-LIST. Now try to be in my LOVE-LIST!

- God. My Family. My besties. My lover. And they who LOVE me too!
- Ilepen and the family. Well, they're more than dolls to me. I feel the warmth everytime I hug them.
- Music. Who dont? But everyone loves different genres. For me, I love classic, love song, and sometimes Rnb can be. I specially love Richard Clayderman, Enya, Depapepe, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Secondhand Serenande, Akon, Lady Gaga, JJ Lin, Jay Chow, and many more!!! I also love PIANO very much. But that doesnt mean I dont like other instrument. Yes, I do love Violin and many more!! They're so perfect when they blend together.
- Fashion. And I really appreciate fashionable people. Be fashionable isnt always to impress people, but to show respect to ourselves. So.. B fashionable, and u'll love yourself MORE!!
- Classic stuffs. Antique and classy!
- Colors. Especially PINK!!
- Shopping. Get new stuffs for my wardrobe. And b fashionable everyday! Haha!
- Reading. Who can live without reading? And for me, I love reading magz, novel and comics. Especially SHERLOCK HOLMES. And DETECTIVE CONAN. So r u one of their big fans?
- Holiday. Refreshing and relaxing. Forget ur tiring day. When u think u cant solve a problem, may b u just need time to refresh ur mind, and u can think clearly.
- Photography and Photoshoot!! Being narcissist. (And not an OVER-narcissist.. LOL)
- Dogs. They are so adorable!!
- My hometown. A lot of memories there.
- PARIS. Though I never been there. Hope I'll some day.
- The feeling when I laugh till I cant breath. Haha! I can die anytime if I used to do that!
- Being with people who I comfort with.
- Sleep. I can forget my life for awhile, when Im getting to dreamland. And I love to sleep during rainy days and hide under my blanket.
- How people care for me.
- When someone rub my hair.
- The moment when I finish my work.
- Any season. Summer in Beach. Autumn in sidewalk . Winter in warm home. Spring in park.
- Kids. They'r so cute! And I wish to b a good mom one day. :)
- Watching movie. I can understand many people in this world with different story. Especially movie which can make me fall some tears.
- Happy ending. When a story ended like what I expected.
- Friday. Thanks God It's Friday. LOL! Weekend is coming!!
- Quotes. It inspires me in life.
- My phone. My laptop. My music player. They entertain me everyday. :)
- Rainbow, sky, stars, and moon. They're so amazing! I feel comfort when I stare at them.
- When someone remember what I exactly like in my life. It means he/she know me well.

Okaay. I think it too much! LOL~
Since I cant write it all one by one.
Just try to know me and u'll find out that Im attractive. (LOL~ Im kidding :P)

After all, I LOVE MY LIFE!!!
Love me or hate me, I dont care. Cuz Im always gonna shine.