Monday, September 27, 2010

Another rainy day

Im nt a girl who loves rain. Either hate.
I ever said I hate rains, when Im about to go out.
And right now, Im home. In front of my laptop.
Start writing my blog.

And what I worried about is
When rain comes, I lost my internet connection!!!

I hear a bad news from my Bro.
That my foster father passed away.
Im really sorry to hear that.
Though, I havent met him for a long time.
And what I know is he's not in good relationship with my dad.
But I wish that after this condition, my dad clear all the misunderstand between them.
When I was little girl, he used to play with me.
And teasing me.
How come he's become my foster father, since we r not in same belief?
Well, so they're best friend since they were kids. And did things together.
Even my grandma loved him as her blood son.
May be because of both of them got own family, so they become busy with their own life.
And dont have much time to spend together.
Idk the exactly problem between them. But Im sure, that's just misunderstanding.
And now he's not here anymore, we can just send our prayer.
Hope he rest in peace.

Sometimes, I wonder about where did they gone after this life?
Another life?
I still cant figure it out.

Gotta go.
I have plenty of homeworks to do

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  1. turut berduka cita
    semoga diterima di sisiNYA.